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STACC issues two newsletters a year, one in the summer and one at Christmas.

Newsletter - Autumn 2020

Updates from the clinics

Despite the pandemic, the clinics we currently support in Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda have continued to provide vital health care for their communities. 

Ile Ife mobile clinics, Nigeria
The mobile clinics have continued to make their monthly visits to their ten communities, resulting in 30 clinic sessions for the quarter July to September 2020.  A total of 1503 children, evenly split between boys and girls, have been treated with 43 separate conditions being identified and dealt with by the clinics.  The main complaints by far remain malaria (almost 34% of presentations) and upper respiratory tract infections (almost 33%).

BION, Kenya
BION's activities have been more restricted than usual because of the greater prevalence of Covid in the country compared to many other African countries.  Nonetheless, work has continued, focusing on malaria prevention through the provision of anti-mosquito bed nets and on improving nutrition.  There has also been an emphasis on promoting hand washing and social distancing as ways of reducing the prevalence of Covid in the community.

Children receiving their STACC-funded bed nets at the BION Clinic in Kenya


Pope John's, Uganda
In the children's ward at Pope John's in Uganda, 3459 children were admitted during the 12 months from June 2019.  The ward is split into 3 units, namely the Neonatal Unit (with 18 beds), the Nutrition Unit (11 beds) and the General Children's ward (48 beds).  During the quarter from July to September 2020, another 815 children have been admitted, including 314 into the Neonatal Unit alone.  The challenges faced include extreme poverty among the surrounding population which leads to major nutritional problems for young children; late referral of patients because of the expense of travel to the hospital, so travel is made only when the condition has become critical; inappropriate self-medication by parents for their children; and unclean and unsafe drinking water in many of the surrounding communities.

St Kizito's, Uganda
At St Kizito's, the children's ward admitted 2303 children between July and September 2020.  The ward has 88 beds and demand has been such that on 7 October 2020, the bed occupancy rate was 193%, putting great strain on the system.  Malaria continues to be a key challenge, but anaemia has also been problematic in recent months.  Sadly, some children suffering from anaemia have died due to shortages in regional blood banks.  Four of the goats bought using STACC funds have recently produced four sets of twins and will soon be producing milk for consumption by children in the clinic.

As previously reported, StACC-Ghana has been inactive over the last couple of years, but we are delighted to say that it has now been revitalised.  Thanks to a donation of £50,000, specifically designated to support childcare in Ghana, we are delighted to be able to support the development of the Mothers and Children Unit at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumase.  The donation will be used to purchase essential equipment and we will look forward to keeping you updated with the development of this Unit in Kumase.

What the support of our donors means to the children we help

You may be interested to read what some of the parents have said about the treatments their children receive thanks to your generosity.

"I bring my children to the mobile clinic because I cannot afford the cost of hospital care or the drugs.  The care children get at STACC is free and effective.  The main problems for my children are malaria and coughs.  We are made welcome at the clinic and we are given talks about better childcare".  A mother in Nigeria.

"I brought my four-year old daughter because she had a fever and had developed a body swelling.  The doctors said that she had malaria but was also not eating enough.  She was put in the Nutrition Unit and they treated her with good food.  She is now well enough to leave hospital."  A father in Uganda.

Future plans to help more children

As we look forward, the Board has agreed to investigate possibilities for supporting a clinic in Malawi, recognising that this may not be the optimum time financially for STACC.  The relationship between Malawi and Scotland is increasingly one of strength, and the trustees are of the view that STACC, as a Scottish charity, should be exploring possible involvement.  Malawi is the Scottish Government"s priority country for international development support, and there is significant support for Malawi in Scotland generally.  Over 100,000 Scots are already involved in community-led partnerships in Malawi.  These include schools, churches, youth groups, sports clubs, colleges, universities and civil society generally.  A recent survey showed that 46% of Scots can name a friend or family member with a connection to Malawi.  Consequently, the trustees felt that the time is now right for STACC to contribute to this Malawi-Scotland relationship.

Your continuing support is vital to STACC's work in Africa
We are incredibly grateful to our donors for supporting the valuable work carried out by the clinics.  Without this support, the clinics could not treat the many children in need of vital medical treatment or support the many families in need of support and advice on nutrition and disease prevention.  Our sincere thanks to our donors for making this possible, not only from the directors of STACC, but also from the many families in Africa who have been touched by your generosity.

Please read our autumn Letter to supporters


Thank you from Nigeria


Matany Goats ! - Some photos from
Br. Gunther Nahrich of the project funded by STACC to provide goats' milk for the children at St.Kizito Hospital in Uganda.


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